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tv   ABC7 News 600PM  ABC  February 4, 2013 6:00pm-7:00pm PST

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you. the coach said waits a great run, thank you for your support. the two words i heard today, this afternoon was next year, next year, fans realized this is a young team with a lot of great players and talented players. they want to see them back at the super bowl next year. >> thank you very much. we're glad to say calm prevailed on the streets after the super bowl last night. a disappointing loss had a lot to do with that. but police were ready and are being praised for it tonight. with one exception. why some fans are upset. >> well, dan, aren't they the ones who get cars towed? the police chief told me they were prepared for the worst. he was getting reports from his district captains, his
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officers were on streets before the game ended and as you said, perhaps would it have been different if niners won. but anyway, we had peace on the streets here last night. >> they say possession is nine-tenths. we figured if we were in the street first, we can set the tone. >> last night, nothing like the may help that happened after the giants won in october. here is what the mission looked like yesterday from sky 7. there are a lot of upset fans but only some two dozen arrests of drunken revelers. one person tried to set a tree on fire. but no series of smashed windows. l are 100 officers on the streets in the games 4th quarter. >> before that, officers checking in with their local bars and making sure management is okay. checking on crowd size.
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>> city crews had cleared street debris and bins were hidden to prevent rowdies from setting them on fire like after the world series. signs were poftd on streets but there was a costly faus pauz. city law requires signs be posted 24 hours before cars were towed. signs were posted too late on a stretch of 24th street and three blocks of mission street but towed and brought here to the lot. these vacationers are among those who have to pay to get their car back. >> it's $500 for a car. we have two cars so it's one thousand. >> the city says it will reimburse those towed illegally. >> i don't know. good luck trying to get that from them.
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>> mta is setting up proceed yours to reimburse the drivers including one that you just heard. >> thank you very much. people of baltimore got a little bit rowdy after the game last night. there was in real vandalism but this crowd of revelers left dumpsters overflowing with trash. streets littered with purple confetti and streamers. the official parade is being planned for tomorrow morning. now, ravens have arrived home from a side trip to disany wrorld in florida. >> developing news on the deadly tour bus crash in southern california. sky 7 hid vido shows the bus being towed about an hour ago. government records shows the company that owns it failed more than a third of safety
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inspections but still, carrying a satisfactory rating. eight people were killed last night when the bus crashed into two cars on a return trip from big bear lake to tee juana. we are at the crash site with the latest. >> nearly 24 hours after the horrific crash that killed seven people, the wrecked bus was finally removed from the scene. it passed by our vantage point, we can see how extensive damage was, the front portion of the passenger cabin was crumpelled. >> this rarng ramplged as one of the worst collisions i've seen in my career. >> the crash happened about 6:30. the bus headed down the mountain from big bear lake back to tijuana, mexico. they were just past forest falls when one passenger said the driver started to yell out for help asking people on the
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bus to call 911 because the bus was out of control. and just north of the ranger station the chp says the bus rear ended a saturn sedan, then collided head on with a ford pickup truck and rolled over, eject passengers. the tour bus is rate operated by a company call out of the san diego area and over the past two years, the department of transportation lists a number of violations by the company. by the department of transportation gave a satisfactory rating and there have been no prior crashes. the chp says that it's unclear that is what the team is looking into. >> there are a lot of pieces that our team has in front of them. so possibility of charges is
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there. we're not going to rule it out until our investigators have a picture in front of them. >> so all three vehicles involve have had been removed from the scene. caltrans is getting ready to reopen highways and we've attained silation reports for the tour bus z.involved in the crash. >> rob. thank you i. woman is in jail accused of stabbing her mother to death. deputies say the 24-year-old went to a home with blood on her hands carrying a knife. saying she just killed someone. deputies found the body of her mother on the bedroom floor of their home. deputy says they've answered a number of calls at that home, before. >> a suspected car theft
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turned fatal nay crash caught on camera. abc 7 news is live on foot hill boulevard. police just cleared the scene. nick, when people see this it's amazing pedestrian wasn't killed. >> the video is shocking because it's so disscriptive of what happened. we're talking about here that is video you saw first on abc 7 news, images are powerful. we have video police say will be a tool for the investigation into a crash that killed one woman and injured another. >> i heard the, when the accident took place. and i looked. i see what he's seeing now. >> take a look at the top right corner of the screen. a camera caught the moment a jeep broadsides a honda and kills the driver. when we play it again, you can see a lone pedestrian on the corner of foot hill boulevard
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unaware of what is coming next. the driver of the honda wasn't as fort m knit. >> i was in shock. he said someone died. >> she was relieved to find out the driver wasn't seriously hurt she says her arm hurt. >> and easy to see why she may northbound pain. her sister was driving north preparing to make a right turn on 36th avenue. this impact forced a closure of the intersection. police believe speed was a factor in this crash. one man said he's the owner of the jeep and that it had been stolen only minutes before. police would only say that this is still an active investigation. in oakland abc 7 news. >> thank you very much. >> still ahead tonight another
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laser attack aimed at sky 7 hd. why would it have been worse than what happened two weeks ago. >> in fairfield students returned to class without a class mate who is murdered two weeks ago. murdered last week, i'll have a live report. >> our spencer christian clouds thickening now. >> accusations tonight. >> accusations tonight. as well, well, well.
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counselors brought in to a fairfield middle school to help students cope with the loss of a class mate. the body of a 13-year-old girl who attend that had school was found, friday in a city park. laura? >> hi, dan. police here have yet to release the girl's name or officially the cause of death. but today her fellow students know who they lost. >> it's kind of sad. a lot of people are crying and stuff. >> students say it was a tough day. the first day back after they learned one class mate, a 7th grade girl was found dead in a park. >> she was really nice to people and always hugged us. >> she was known a lot. everyone knew her. >> is she going to be missed?. >> yes. a lot too,.
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>> police did not release new details. three day days after the 13-year-old's naked body was found in downtown fairfield. investigators canvased the area over the weekend. >> in a young life, it's horrible. >> a small memorial cropped up in the park. she was living in a foster home at the time of the disappearance. the foster parents called police to report her missing thursday afternoon. >> she because in a good environment at the house that. is all i know. >> cheryl says she lived in the same home with the same foster parents until last summer. >> they're probably scared and it brakes -- breaks their hearts. the foster smorj very loving and kind. she's very protective. >> contacted by abc 7 news a spokesman for the agency told us, quote, our thoughts and prayers are with anyone who knew this young lady. we'll cooperate to find those
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responsible. parents told us the murder prompted conversation was kids. >> keep an eye out. stick together if you're walking after school, stay together. watch out for each other. >> officials plan to address the death with an assembly and police continue to ask for any help anyone with information is asked to contact them. in fairfield abc 7 news. >> thank you. >> in the hubbub after the super bowl last night, sky 7 captured a crime that someone may have thought was a joke. abc 7 explains it's a danger to pilot that's could land new jail. flying over the mission district after the super bowl, sky 7 saw this.
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a green laser. apparent culprit? who two men, they were pointing at other helicopters too. >> spotting at us, then laughing with the friend. we called chp out them were able to witness that. >> it's the second time in two weeks. this pilot was flying when someone pointed a red laser. >> this guy was standing on the front porch. he kept doing it over and over again. we were able to direct the police. >> officers say they arrested the man with the laser and say he may have been using to it try to shoo helicopter as way. he can face jail time you might think it's funny but it's extremely dangerous it doesn't take a big, expensive laser, even this $10 laser can be blinding when it's pointed at the cockpit. this is what can look like.
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it's led to missed landing approaches, pilots having to give up control and sometimes, worse. >> there are cases where pilots reported ongoing vision problem autos faa asked pilots to report strikes so police can swoop in. >> this only makes a minute or two for a cruiser to show up authorities credit the arrest was a drop in the number of laser strikes. pilots can only make a plea for common sense. >> you're endangering people on the ground. please don't do it. >> this is not a prank, it's a crime. >> absolutely. >> we're seeing big changes in the weather. >> this is a wonderful and warm spell. looking at clear skies around the bay area. clouds are thickening in spots. here is a view from our east bay hills camera.
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looking west there is brightness in the sky. sunset is over 4 minutes ago. low clouds hoo in addition to high clouds in this view. you can see clouds curling around to parts of the inland east bay as well. more clouds developing along with some patchy fog as well. cooler days and showers likely thursday. you can see high pressure holding on, but barely two. cold fronts moving into our direction. right now this, ridge is keeping skies clear. this is going to bring us clouds tomorrow and into wednesday. and will not produce rainfall but second system expected to arrive thursday and this
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brings us a greater chance of showers. start agent 5:00 in the morning looks like a wet commute. by mid morning we can see showers across the bay area, we don't expect this to be a major rainfall event but we'll see wet weather from this system. tonight look being for fog inland valleys chilly in the north bay valleys. also upper 30s in concord and livermore, most locations mid day skbai coast will be milder and less chilly. lows into low to mid-40s. tomorrow, partly cloudy skies and sunny skies, high temperatures into mid to upper 50s there. and 56 in san mateo. low 50s on the coast in pacifica. downtown san francisco, a high of 55 degrees tomorrow. 53 in the sunset district. north bay, mainly upper 50s
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and santa rosa, 60 degrees. inland east bay upper 50s as well. near monterey bay, upper 50s and perhaps about the 60 degrees in salinas, gets cooler as the woke goes on. a good chance of showers thursday, maybe some lingering showers across the area, over the weekend more sunshine and warming up a little bit over the weekend. >> okay. >> thank you. >> coming up next abc 7 news i team looks into the safety of the beef you may be serving for dinner. >> what the future holds for >> what the future holds for candle stick park once 49ersñ!ñs all right that's a fifth-floor problem...
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historic drake's bay os sister farm will have to close while it fights a decision that could shut it down permanently. the judge denied a request to allow it to continue operating until the lawsuit is heard. the farm is fighting to stay open today a judge does not believe she has the authority to overturn sala star. >> tonight on abc 7 news at 11:00 abc 7 news i team has a story you're going to want to hear if you, or family members eat beef. >> if you you went to the grocery now and bought beef you won't know if it's gone
6:23 pm
through a process food safety advocates say could make you a sick. >> i have a right to know what i'm putting into my body and childrens bodies. >> this video shows process. food safety advocates say it could be dangerous. >> very two small children. i'm confident in the safety of the meet supply in this country. >> a report tonight at 11:00. why the food safety advocates believe this could be dangerous and what they want done about it. that is tonight at 11:00. >> fans are excited about the next football season. this is because it will be the last at candle stick and making plans to since it
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opened in 1960 it's hosted nfl championship games world series games and event beatles final concert. >> you will begin a conversation to sort of honor the history and events in special memories there. >> rubble will be used to build foundations and the 49ers start playing at their new stadium in 2014. >> that is hard to imagine. >> a week long hostage stand off coming to a end in alabama late news on the rescue linked today of a 5-year-old boy. >> prosecutors announced they're going off a oil company for failing to protect the environment. >> a rare, dangerous problem a stove get sog hot, you can burn yourself on
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a 5-year-old boy is unharm skptd captor is dead today. he took the 5-year-old hostage six days ago after shooting, and killing a school bus driver keeping him in an underground bunker in his rural property in southern alabama. he aloud them to deliver food and medicine.
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authorities say negotiations started to breakdown they found out he had a gun, they took action. >> fbi agents fearing the child was in danger entered and rescued the child. >> he was killed and they would not say how he died. the boy was taken to the hospital as a recaution. >> state attorney general harris is going after arco and the state attorney general are kusing the company of violating regulations designed to protect the environment. this station in alameda was one of four deemed to be among the worst violators inal media county. >> one regulation to require certain seasonsors inside certain areas of the storage compartment to make sure there is a fuel leak. if detected. >> the tanks had sensor buzz
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insatisfied of being placed next to the ground they were above the ground. so that they would not go off unless the leak was severe. >> bp instructing stations here that they can be raised up to an inch. so that would allow for a leak. >> the deputy da says it was most aregis. other violations have to do with maintaining rrt equipment and training. in a statement to abc 7 news bp says the buk were burning documentation and that a small number of the alleged violations relate to monitoring of tanks. none posed any harm to human health or the environment. says bp. bp suggests they're going off -- after the company for money.
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there is another factor here. arco selling off gas stations. this one sold about a year and a half ago. they're unloading more of them. deputy d.a.says there is a reason. this is the liability for environmental problems. like leaking underground storage tank autos california supreme court today sided with apple and other retailers which require to you provide yaur dress and phone number when using a credit card. california high court says it's okay for online retailers. they can't asked skfr you for a photo id. >> wall strot has the worst day of the queer, all 30 dow industrial stocks traded down today. tech stocks took a beating and drove nasdaq down almost 48 points.
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ora cell agreed to pay for the acme packet company. a business that makes telekmumpxz gear. one analyst says the deal could make other equipment makers targets as well. we're buying less gasoline but paying more for it. u.s. energy department says we spend $2900 a year on gas. that is 4% of our income. >> san francisco woman tells 7 on your side her gas range runs so hot she's afraid knobs on the stove could burn her. >>. >> this is interesting and odd. we couldn't find anyone who heard of this happening. but this woman insists that this is a stove that is too hot to handle. she pops her meat balls into
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the oven. nothing unusual except for what happens next. >> when i started to bake, the knobs started getting hot. >> even hotter when bakes and cooks at the same time. >> it's dangerous. especially for my son. he likes to cook. i won't let him near the stove. >> she says shaez to use a towel to protect her hand. the unit is made by electroluxe. the company sent out teches to her home, six times. >> the techs telling me that the oven releases its heat through these slates here. and they come up and hit the knobs. >> each time they told her the stove doesn't get hot enough to be of a danger to she called 7 on your side. we used a thermometer to find out how hot the stove really gets.
6:33 pm
you beam an infrared light at whatever you want to measure and it gives you a reading. one knob registered 117 degrees. another, 127. a third, 108 degrees the fourth, 117. >> 140 thousand now, getting hotter. >> a fifth knob, 140 to 141 degrees. >> they didn't think the was that hot. it was hot that. is scary. >> we took our findings to a medical director of a burn center in st. francis hospital in san francisco. >> i would say anything you know, above 120 could potentially cause a burn. >> because that is not safe for both a.above 140. certainly. maybe lower than that.
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>> four weeks later we paid her another visit. >> i was happy. i tried it for 20 minutes seemed like knobs were okay. and now, i tried it again, the knob is hot, again. i'm not sure. >> she asked to refund the money. the company refused and insisting it's safe. they pointed to a standard set by the canadian association. under that standard, knobs should get no hotter than 130 degrees. since electro knobs have a plastic coating the company says the maximum allowable temperature is 167 degrees. and sent this statement to 7 on your side. >> we believe our product is working in accordance to features and canadian safety association n addition
6:35 pm
to the new stove, we've provided we have nonmetal knobs we can provide at no charge. she has agreed to take noes those knobs they're expected to arrive this week. we checked in with canadian safety association. but due to a staffing situation they were ununable to confirm adding a plastic coating increases allowable temperatures to 167 degrees. we'll let you know what happens. >> thank you very much. >> coming up next a virtual month who's who in hollywood. >> anticipat
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a big bash in hollywood. oscar nominees got together for a lunchen and we go inside. >> every year at this time academy holds a lunchen and this year, 160 of them showed up nor event and several of the faces showed up to talk to the press before the show. >> i'm saying this year i want to have fun, but this year, i am. it's not a matter of i want to have fun. i don't know if i'm going to be back. we'll see but four times is awesome. i just want to enjoy it. >> i feel like i've won. and so i never want to lose sight of what i feel right now in being in this business and being nominated. i know everyone says that but you win already.
6:39 pm
>> i know i wasn't here for hangover. >> i'm enjoying this. i like people. i think that if i didn't like people or had a hard time being around people that would be difficult this has been incredible. >> i got seven nominations including best picture, i'm elated by that. truly. thrilled and there are nine amazing movies any of which could win and deserve to win if they did. so i don't worry about who got what. i have been watching from home. >> it's calm in my household. nobody in the family gets it. they're like oh. so yeah. it's very calm, i can talk about other things than myself. >> i sat at the same time with nominees catherine bigelow and
6:40 pm
robert denoro. >> you can get started getting ready for the oscars by down loading official academy awards app. this keeps tabs on your favorites. do it now. oscars less than three weeks away and the only place you can watch is right here abc 7 hope you'll tune in that day. >> coming up next, saving lives in the sierra.
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california 8th grade qlorz struggle with math are getting a break. they're no longer required to take al geeb bra. california has moved in line with what most other states offer something called common core curriculum. as long as schools offer the courses. critics fear struggling schools will eliminate al geeb bra or 8th grader autos we will lose our place unless we keep a regime for california in z.this is going in the wrong direction. >> supporters insist classes will be rigorous. >> a lake tahoe center is
6:44 pm
having a busiest year. animals have been arriving for weeks and the people who run the center are doing their best to keep up. they have great success stories to talk about. as you'll see, the senlt gleerdz a new home. >> it's a perfect day near lake tahoe. not everyone is healthy enough to enjoy it. some locals are sick, injured or orphanned. >> we're giving them a second chance at live. >> this is lake tahoe wildlife. this bob cat just arrived. they're not sure what is wrong with her. >> we've given her some fluids and vitamin autos in the next room there is a owl. now, challenge to keep him calm discouraging him from flapping his wing. it's part of the home. this garage is packed with
6:45 pm
food for animals. the backyard filled with cabins built for a wide range of creatures. >> this right wing is dragging a little bit. >> the vet believes the eagles wing is just bruised so he needs a fee few weeks to heal. the center has a record number of orphanned bear cubs. they're healthy and will be released as soon as they're big enough. >> there is one goal goal to be released back into the wild. >> volunteers shot this video. one of thousands they have cared for over 35 years. first they learned from experienced wildlife rehabbers now, they teach others to do it. >> i'm a nurse pri biprofession. you have to know where is the best place to release them.
6:46 pm
>> they get help but it costs 120,000ses today do this. when they moved to the spot there was hardly anyone here, now a neighborhood has grown around them. they're trying to help more wild animals and educate the public. >> we feel important for tourists to come in to get that he had x to be able to see the animals. >> that would mean more happy endings for animals like this peregrine falcon. he's healed and about to be released. >> i'm getting him tired so he'll come down, come on. >> tom is able to grab the bird. >> he is flying well. >> minutes later it's in a card board box. >> here we go, buddy.
6:47 pm
>> that is a great release. >> we've released 14,000 animals back into the wild this, is special and just about what we're hoping he would do and just keep flying. >> if i had wings boy fly, too. that is a thrilling moment to get there. constand fund raising is required to build that home. if you can help we have a link click on see it on tv. this is good work. >> coming up, an update on the forecast. >> starting with live doppler 7 hd. clouds increasing in the bay area sky. so this may get cloudier overnight. tomorrow, sunny skies and up north, showery around eureka.
6:48 pm
and not into southern california. highs under sunny skies into upper 60s to low 70s, here in the bay area we'll have partly sunny skies in mid to upper 50s. and we will see sunshine. here is the accu-weather forecast. we do expect to get showers on thursday. showers may linger into friday morning. friday going to be a chilly day. highs into low to mid-50s, then sunny conditions over the weekend. >> that will be nice. >> thank you very much. >> larry beil son the way home from new orleans tonight. >> that is right. >> a lot of second guessing. a lot of 49er fans are still upset about that final series
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a lot of monday morning quarterback going on especially about the laftd
6:52 pm
series in which they failed to score. frank gore just run the ball so he was getting a breather on first down. so with gore out, michael james picked twoup yards down to the five. collin kaepernick rolls to the right. incomplete coach thought there should have been interference. a lot of people think kaepernick should have run more. because you let the play clock run down, they called a time out. the niners went back to the pass. so, it came down to this. 4th down from the fifth. what they're holding on the play, contact is allowed within five yards but looks like jimmy smith was grabbing a jersey well beyond that five yards. there is often no call.
6:53 pm
>> there is no question there is a past interference. and then a hold on crabtree on the last one. >> this is a line one on one to make that play. i guess ref said he made a good play. >> there were just seven penalties in this contest. five went against san francisco. officials let players play even when there were fouls. watch the left side of the screen. williams shoves an official. and there is that 108 yard kick off return by jones. and there is intentional safety late in the contest.
6:54 pm
ravens hold and tackle niners so ballot mer had nothing to lose. also able to run eight precious seconds off the clock. while super bowl 47 was a nail biter for fans it was tough for jack and jackie harbaugh, parents of the coaches they said they wanted this game to nend a tie. it can't of course. >> this is a difficult football game. so proud of boblg of them. john winning the president in football. for jim to fight like he's fought his life and competed to make the a football game. tremendously proud of him adds well. >> there is some nonsuper bowl names reliever ferno rodriguez from houston involved in a
6:55 pm
five-player trade. oakland gave up promising first baseman chris carter in 67 games. >> it's that time. >> this is frustrating seeing calls... >> back to back. yes. >> they're making what should have been penalties. >> there is kind of explains what makes it go. >> yes. >> the showdown between microsoft and apple intensifies. why demand could explode for the new surface probe. >> then at 11:00 what happens to meat before you buy it. tonight an investigation into tenderizing what it could be
6:56 pm
doing to your steak. >> that does it for this edition of abc 7 news. >> from all of us here, thanks for watching. see you again at 9:00 and 11:00.
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this is the "jeopardy! teen tournament."
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please welcome today's contestants -- a senior from moweaqua, illinois... a senior from little rock, arkansas... and a sophomore from englewood, ohio... and now here is the host of "jeopardy!" -- alex trebek! thank you, johnny. and welcome, ladies and gentlemen. last week in our first three quarterfinal matches, a freshman, a sophomore, and a junior became semi-finalists by winning their games. oh, and all three of them were from the state of georgia. will this be a senior's turn, or will tori, the sophomore, win today's game? young lady, gentlemen, welcome aboard. good luck. here we go into the jeopardy! round. and these are the categories you have to deal with.
6:59 pm
tori, start us. i'll take fictional females for $600, please. tori. what is "victorious"? you are right. fictional females for $800, please. leonard. what is "halo"? "halo," right. rhyme time, $200. jordan. what is a thick brick? that's it. rhyme time, $400, please. who is stupid cu leonard. wwho is stupid cupid?? correct. same category -- rhyme time, $600. leonard. is a hammer...slammer? oh, no. jordan. what is a hammer clamor? "clamor" -- that's the word that leonard was tryingwhatme up with. you pick.


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